Bloggers, reviewers and other authors have been kind enough to review my books and invite me in as a guest to their blogs… here’s a selection.

The castilians displayed in Toppings Books shop St Andrews

April 2023

Northern Reader – The Conversos

November 2022

Carolyn Hughes – The Apostates

July 2022

Chill with a Book Readers Award – The Conversos

Jonathan Posner Guest Post – Are you worth your salt?

March 2022


Kate Writes and Reads

February 2022

Rosepoint Publishing

Tony Riches Special Guest

CLR Peterson

s by VEH Masters out now

December 2021

Chill with a Book Premium Award Winner

Susan Appleyard

November 2021

The Books Delight

Appreciating the Present – Alison Treat Podcast

October 2021

Northern Reader 

August 2021

The Hist Fic Chickie

Jaffa Reads Too

Historical Novel Society

July 2021


June 2021

Discovering Diamonds

Portobello Book Blog

April 2021

Kate writes and Reads

Tony Riches

Hallyway of Hope scott Wing Abbotsford Houes Home of Sir walter Scott

March 2021

Rosepoint Publishing

Mercedes Rochelle

February 2021

Book Delight

V E H Masters…