The Seton Chronicles

Book One: The Castilians

Book Two: The Conversos

The Castilians

Runner Up SAW Barbara Hammond Trophy

‘Historical Fiction at its absolute best. ‘ Bookly Matters

By the end…I find myself hoping for a sequel, which shows how much I enjoyed this excellent novel.’ Historical Novel Society Review

Scotland 1546. A  group of nobles seize St Andrews Castle.

Will is among them, fighting for the Protestant cause. His treasonous actions place his family in grave danger, forcing his sister Bethia into an unwelcome alliance.

As the long siege unravels, Bethia and Will struggle over loyalties and the choices they each must make — to save their family or stay true to their beliefs and follow their hearts.’

The position of women in society, the different classes, the tug of war within religion, the volatile throne all comes to life. The intrigue and the difficult decisions having to be made by all the characters sweep up the reader and carriy you to the very end.’ Alison Whiteford

Book Group Questions for The Castilians are available as a pdf to download. Don’t look at them now if you haven’t yet read the book – spoiler alert!

The Wishing Shelf 2020 Finalist Medal
Finalist, Wishing Shelf Book Awards.

The Castilians is now available as Audio Book… listen to a sample here

The Conversos; Vivid and Compelling Historical fiction. The Seton Chronicles Book 2

‘WINNER Barbara Hammond Trophy

Weaves a wonderfully vivid tale of political and religious intrigue, transporting us between the rugged coasts of Scotland and the richest city in sixteenth-century Europe ‘Richard Sheehan

‘An engaging sequel to The Castilians and a fascinating insight into the plight of Jewish converts in 16th century Antwerp.’ Award winning author Margaret Skea

Europe 1547. The rising tide of the Reformation threatens bloody revolution. And the terror of the Inquisition grows, even for those who have converted.

Bethia, newly married tries to find her way in Antwerp, both the city and family she now belongs to a constant source of confusion – and sometimes fear. While her brother Will, enslaved on a French galley, doubts there will ever be an end to his torment.

Divided by faith, Bethia and Will each desperately seek a place of refuge from the looming maelstrom.

But there is no safe haven… unless Will denies his beliefs and Bethia surrenders those she loves

‘Vivid and compelling. Bethia is a memorable character. Perfect for fans of the Shardlake series.’M Lynes, author of Blood Libel’

With this latest novel, on a little known subject, the author continues to enthral – gripping, entertaining and informative.’ Esther Mendelssohn

Book Group Discussion Questions for The Conversos are available as a pdf to download. Don’t look at them now if you haven’t yet read the book – spoiler alert!

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