Online Launch of The Familists

VEH Masters in conversation with Margaret Skea

Online launch of The Conversos

The Conversos is launched with questions from award winning author Margaret Skea, giveaways and insights into self publishing – and just before Christmas 2021

Courier Newspaper feature discussing The Conversos

Article in The Courier discussing The Conversos and how I never planned to write a sequel – which I didn’t!

Barbara Hammond Trophy

Scottish Association of Writers 2021

I joined the  Scottish Association of Writers online Conference and listened with particular interest to the videos announcing their prize winners. I was delighted to be one of them…

Brilliant Article in ‘The Courier’

Loved the online launch party…

Great chat, fun and 3D reconstruction of St Andrews

The Castilians book launch with Margaret Skea and Dr Bess Rhodes

Courier Article

Very flattered to be asked to contribute to an article in The Courier about Sir Walter Scott – whose 250th anniversary it is. Incredible really that he was once so famous that the second largest memorial to a writer in the world was erected in his memory in Edinburgh, and yet now he’s hardly read.

Sir Walter Scott Novels Article in the Courier Great grandfather
My great grandfather’s complete set of Sir Walter Scott novels, which was passed down to me

Delighted to have a review of my book feature in the Historical Novel Review Magazine

‘… soon enough, Ms. Masters had me hooked. Not only is the historical setting excellently depicted, be it descriptions of interiors or of the political complexities of the time, but she presents us with two endearing teenagers. Will is devout and believes he is doing his bit to drive through reform. Bethia, realistically restricted by her gender, is caught between fear for her brother and anger at him for putting them all at risk, especially as she is the bargaining chip her father uses to safeguard his position by arranging a marriage she definitely does not want.‘ Anna Belfrage

V E H Masters…